Discover A Complete Step-By-Step
System To Build A Successful Info Business
From The Ground Up... AND  Master Critical
 Like Copywriting, Building Websites,
 Email Marketing, Creating Products and more!

Jack Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert


From: Jack Sarlo

Dear Friend,

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jack Sarlo. Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did!

After nearly 8 years working almost 8 hours a day, every day, I have collected over 23 of the biggest and best money-making "secrets" for building an Info  business – profited from them and bound them into one huge volume.

If you're committed 100% to build a successful online business than read every word on this page...

Commit Yourself 100%

On the Internet there's an endless supply of information, and you can easily become a confused victim of information overload.

That's not your fault! I’ve been there too!

That problem can only be fixed if you HAVE the right information and proper instructions on how to use and apply that information (what you do first, what you do second, step by step) in the right order.

That's exactly what I've put together.

You’re going to discover how to build an Info business the right way… using the right strategies… and MONEY will roll in faster than a speeding bullet.

The Info business consists of selling Info products - these are products that provide some sort of information, typical Info products include ebooks, audio programs, video courses, books, home study courses, software, webinars, etc.

Now this is the first lesson I want to share with you:

First Build Your Business Using
The Right Strategies And Then
Drive As Much Traffic As You CAN!

A word of caution: Most people have a hard time because they use the wrong strategies.

What do they do? Typically they build a very simple website and then try to do some SEO (search engine optimization; trying to rank in Google), thinking this way they'll drive a lot of traffic and make a lot of money!

Or worse they try 'Get Rich Quick' formulas, one after another in hopes one of them will finally work.

Therefore if you don't want to waste more time and money discover and apply the right strategies... keep reading I’m about to reveal a breakthrough, original program!

Mind Maps To Success™

How To Succeed in Creating Your Internet Business and Getting RICH
By Looking at Mind Maps!

If I had to start from scratch, I would follow step-by-step the strategies in Mind Maps To Success™ program.

You'll know how to create a successful Info business that makes you as much money as you desire, working just a few hours every day!

This program is like a GPS navigation system that clearly shows you the road to take to build a successful business and earn $1,000 a month, $5,000 a month or if you're very ambitious $10,000 or more.

Whether you want to know how to build a business from scratch the right way, using the right strategy – or how to improve an existing business (if you already have one),  then this program will “spoon feed” you exactly the right way to do that!

Discover how to build and maintain an Info business the right way and constantly grow and evolve it so you'll keep increasing its profits.

This is NOT going to be the cause of the dreaded information overload because you’ll ONLY get to know what you NEED to know, nothing more, nothing less!

This won't tell you the more common things like how to find a niche for your business, or how to get website traffic. Those are important but they're not rocket science.

There are dozens of books and courses that can teach you how to do all of that.

Instead, this program will tell you the more intricate and delicate aspects of how to actually build and grow a successful Info business. This is not as straightforward and simple as driving website traffic - it's a more complex topic - you need to know the right strategies and how to actually apply them!

Now let's discover everything this program consists of...

23 Mind Maps filled with , Insider, pure-gold techniques, strategies and "secrets"
It’s a REAL mammoth course, powerful
enough to make anyone dangerous!

Here's a quick glance at a small section of a mind map, you can open these like an ebook, using a pdf reader.

This is an example of a mind map
(a very small section)

“I loved your mindmaps. They are so big but detailed which I like a lot. Most importantly you have cut the unwanted things that most products have and has come right to the point in each module. So far from what I have read its different and awesome!!”
Harry G

Let me share with you a “preview” of the first mind map:

Preview Mind Map No.1: Building and Growing an Internet Business

This step-by-step mind map reveals the right strategy to follow when building your Info business!

Plus it uncovers the four core “elements” used by every business making 6 or 7 figures each year.  You need to have those elements too in your business if you want to see BIG profits!

Below you’ll see a preview of the rest of the mind maps - these give you a blueprint to build an Online Empire that is able to produce as much money as you want!

This will probably blow your mind, so here’s everything else that’s included in Mind Maps To Success™ program:

Let's preview the next 4 mind maps...

Preview Mind Maps No. 2, 3 and 4:
Product Creation

3 Mind Maps will “bombard” your mind with idea after another on how to create Info products!

Products are the "fuel" of any Info business, that's why in these 3 mind maps you'll finally know "killer" ways to create high quality “best-selling” products or services!

There's a list of all the different product formats you can create, some of them are: ecourses, newsletters, books, ebooks, Audio programs, Video programs, CD & DVD’s, bonuses, viral products, etc.

Then there are step-by-step methods on how you can create an actual product!

There's also an exact method you can follow to create high priced products, like home study courses, that you can sell for a lot of money, like $297 or more! High priced products can quickly multiply your profits BIG TIME!

Some of the “golden nuggets”:

Why being an inventor is dead-wrong!

7 undercover techniques for discovering what your customers or prospects REALLY want – to create products that will sell without resistance!

How to easily create free products you can give as gifts (or bonus) to subscribers or customers. They’ll love you for this and thank you by spending more money with you!

How to create and sell high ticket items (products over $297) almost effortlessly – follow this step-by-step proven method!

Plenty of tools, resources, real examples and “templates”… (These are the same tools used by the Elite Marketers!)

How to turn your digital products like ebooks or audio programs into physical products like books or CD's and make a ton more money!

Many secrets that best-seller authors have been using to create their books… REVEALED!

Discover which are the products that are the easiest to sell online!

Discover the right motto, or set of ideas, you need to adopt in your business to create products that will sell like hotcackes!

How you can increase prices without hurting refund rates! Make more money by increasing your prices the RIGHT way!

The absolutely best way to deal with refunds! Two tactics to try to “save” a refund!

This ONE word unveils to you the ONLY surefire way to sell more of your products and services!

Products make you rich – this "pile of gold" you’ll discover and possess in these 3 mind maps is enough to revitalize a “second-rated” lousy business transforming it into a cash producing machine!

Create new cash-producing products that WILL help you make MORE PROFITS in your business!

The power to create ebooks, special reports, podcasts, blogs, articles, audio and video plus much more… of superb quality CAN be ALL YOURS when you download Mind Maps To Success™ program!

You'll also the secret to create product titles for your ebooks, software, newsletters, ecourses, or any other product or service you create.

Stop "banging your head against a wall" trying to come up with ideas for product titles! Use this secret strategy and effortlessly create a winner title every single time!

And now, …

Preview Mind Maps No. 5, 6 and 7:
Lead Generation

This is the second most important “system” every successful online business must have in place – because it's how you can have a constant supply of fresh new leads and prospects eager to spend their money to buy your products!

On these 3 mind maps you'll discover how to attract "hungry buyers" on autopilot and then "seduce" them until they buy your products!

It will also show you how to "grab hold" of them so they would rather buy from you than your competitors.

These are some of the KEYS to build a successful Lead Generation system:

How to "seduce" prospects so they'll subscribe to your list!

A ready-made system you can use to start building your list starting now! Just follow step 1, then step 2, and then step 3… it’s plug and play, even tells you when to send your second email, your third email – EVERYTHING!

Another Real Example you can copy of a successful system to capture leads and follow up with them until they become your customers – it includes all detailed specifics down to the last iota!

A little-known secret that will tell you exactly the best time of day to email your list and why!

How to move subscribers from the “subscriber list” to the “customer list” after they purchase one of your products and why you should do it...

Plus how to transform your customers into lifetime customers (these are your most loyal customers who would love to buy all of your new products)

3 more ways to routinely attract fresh new leads on autopilot without lifting a finger!

These methods work like a charm, your prospects will be magnetically attracted to subscribe and they would rather "kneel down and beg you" to keep them on your list then unsubscribe...

I’ll tell you what to do but also what NOT to do to avoid wasting time or money – there's so many templates and examples to swipe and use for yourself that it’s impossible not to fatten your list with HOT new leads!

There's also a handful of lesser-known secrets to sell products or services to your list almost effortlessly without looking like a big, bossy and annoying salesperson!

How many times did you wonder about: What to tell your list? How to capture their names and emails? What to give them? What to write? How to sell to them? What the heck is list building?

You'll finally have the answers you've been waiting for... not knowing about any of that will be a thing of the past!

Your probably understood by now that this is pure-gold... this program is a mother-load collection of strategies, techniques and methods that can make you BIG Money with your Info Business!

Remember you'll discover WHAT to do as well as HOW to do it!

“Jack, this is terrific! If you have left anything out, I can’t think of what it would be. If I were the empress, I would make this required learning for all newbies.

This course is well organized as your description shows. It would take many months maybe more than a year (and I should know!) to learn all this on your own. This really is a full blown course of what a marketer needs to get started and to grow a business.

All of the information is presented clearly and concisely. People often buy products that offer “magic bullets” before having a solid understanding of what is necessary to be successful in marketing, online or otherwise. (Again, I should know!)

And I have to mention the bonuses. I’m not sure which is more valuable, the course or the bonuses. The bonuses are each a valuable course unto themselves.

You have really pulled out all the stops and given way more than promised.

I have bought many products. Some were worth every penny. Unfortunately some were duds, but anyone who purchases this will not be disappointed.

This will be my reference text, and I can see how the power points could be used to educate clients and prospects to grow an offline consulting business.

Well done! I look forward to future products from you!

Eliana Galer
Direct marketing consultant, author & publisher

It’s a full-to-bursting colossal course - most importantly all 23 Mind Maps together give you a complete blueprint to succeed with your Info Business - there's no half-baked theories, what you get is what actually WORKS to build a profitable business!

Ok, with that in mind, here’s..

Preview Mind Maps No. 8 to No. 17:
Website Building, Website Conversion and Copywriting

8 different types of websites you can build!

Discover how to effectively use blogs, landing pages, content websites, salesletters and much more, to make big stacks of money!

The SECRET to create websites that CONVERT prospects into paying customers like crazy even if you’re not an expert in webdesign and have zero creativity skills!

The MEANING of colours and how using the wrong one can lower down your profits and the right one will captivate your customers hearts and wallets!

You'll discover psychological and persuasion tactics to build websites that SELL

Scientific proven and time-tested techniques that boost conversions - this means you'll turn more prospects into customers and make a helluva MORE money!

Discover more than 10 ways to increase your website conversions PLUS exactly how to calculate your sales or lead conversion rate...

A simple and super easy exercise you can do each day to become a world class copywriter in a matter of weeks or days! There's nothing like this. It's the FASTEST way to become a great copywriter.

How to pick and use the right words, why you should avoid using some words and how certain words can persuade your prospects to take an action, such as buying!

How to write in a certain way that will make your prospects THINK you've written something intended specifically and personally to him or her - as if their uncle or cousin sent them a personal handwritten letter! This will skyrocket your sales!

In these 10 mind maps you're NOT going to learn any technical mumbo jumbo like html, css or php... Nowadays there's plenty of tools called 'page builders' you can use to to build website as easy as ABC.

If you don't apply these website conversion techniques, when you send any traffic to your website it will be like trying to fill a bucket with water that has holes in it... it will be all in vain!

WARNING: If You’ve Always Thought
of Yourself as Not Being Able To Write
"Killer" Copy Like A Pro Copywriter 
You’re About To Change That…

The Copywriting Mind Maps will reveal in astonishing detail one simple idea:
How To Write "Killer" Copy!

I didn’t leave anything out because owing this skill is like owing the key to the largest money vault!

If you thought you need to have a natural born talent to be a good copywriting this mind map will show you why it isn’t and how you too can become the next great copywriter…

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. It's how to write persuasively to convince prospects to take a particular action (for example to subscribe or to buy).

You’ll discover the REAL power of words and how to use them properly to sell whatever it is you want almost too easy!

You’ll see real examples and I’ll show you exactly how to write copy like a pro!

Plus A 12 Part 'Plug and Play"
Template to Create A Killer
Salesletter Quick And Easy!

You also get an entire salesletter template complete from start to finish – you can use it to sell any product - now you can create high-converting salesletters like a MASTER copywriter in record time!

This IS by far the easiest way to write a "KILLER" salesletter!

It's so easy kids can start writing their own salesletters and sell their own products.

This template is proven and triple time-tested to sell products like crazy.

The template is split into 12 different "parts" or sections. 

For example…

The first part should be the headline, you’ll get a doze of how to write eyeball grabbing headlines! There's a multitude of examples on how to write them, in fact so much that you'll inevitable start writing killer headlines!

You’ll get to know exactly how to complete each part of the template.

On top of that there's an additional mind map, well detailed on the other important elements that make up a successful salesletter, these are:

  • Subheadlines
  • Stories
  • Testimonials
  • Trust Building
  • Images
  • Colours and Fonts
  • Order Links and Buttons

Let me ask you a question...

Did you know that even the greatest copywriters in the world, who charge $5,000 or $10,000 to write a single salesletter use templates or swipe files to help them write their copy?

Using templates and swipe files is a proven way to easily write "killer" copy!

And remember...

You can use this template to write a killer salesletter regardless what product or service you’re selling, it works ALL the time like a CHARM!

Look there’s EVERYTHING you need to be able to become a master copywriter - you'll finally have the skill to write "killer" copy!

This skill is indispensable - use it anytime you need to write persuasive COPY, such as for salesletters, emails, advertising ads and headlines!

Warning: Some of these techniques are very powerful and can be used improperly in the wrong hands – such as to sell crappy products!

I trust you're not one of those marketers that combine a bunch of worthless articles together and sell them for $37.

Your primarily objective in your business should be to provide real value to your prospects and customers!

There's much more on these 10 mind maps, you can download Mind Maps To Success™ to access everything right away!

“A very thorough and informative course! The mindmaps are unique and I found them enjoyable to read and easy to follow. The course is packed with content and I’m already implementing your product creation strategies. This is a complete system highly recommended!
Chris Toas

In the next mind maps you'll discover some more advanced strategies to make more money from every SALE and CUSTOMER you get!

You can increase the profits of your existing products and services without spending more money to get more traffic!

Make use of these strategies to uncover the hidden profits buried in your business.

Even McDonald's is using these strategies to earn as much money as possible from every single customer!

Here's a quick peak...

Preview Mind Maps No. 18, 19:
Selling Systems

And what’s that you ask?

Well that’s how you make even more money from the existing products you’re selling!

Almost every ultra successful online business is using one or several of these strategies!

You just have to apply these techniques and INSTANTLY, as if by magic, you make more money from every sale and customer!

Sooner or later you'll have to invest money on advertising to drive traffic to your website - therefore MAXIMIZING the profits you make should be a priority, in order to cover your advertising costs and actually make a PROFIT!

This is better known as having a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

These strategies can quickly increase the money you make from every single customer you get!

Best of all they're not rocket science, they're easy to implement.

And guess what?

You Don’t Have To Go Broke
To Apply These Strategies And
Techniques! They’re Fit For Anyone!

You're not going to be asked to invest in any special and expensive services, software or tools to apply the strategies in this program...

Anyone, regardless of their current experience or education level can understand these strategies and apply them to create a successful Info business!

Now, here's a preview of the 20th mind map:

Preview Mind Map No. 20:
Content Generation

These are probably the questions that pop in your head when you hear the term 'Content'?

  • What is content?
  • Why do you need content?
  • How to create content?
  • Where and How do you use content?

This mind map will answer those questions with pinpoint accuracy!

Knowing how to create and use content is vital to grow a successful Info business - therefore don't be amazed if I told you that almost NO successful Info marketer squeezing 6 or 7 figures each year doesn’t know how to use content properly!

You’ll discover why content is KING on the Internet... Articles aren’t the only type of content you can create – in fact I’ll go into detail on how to use audio as well as video!

These are some of the benefits you gain when you use content the right way:

  • Gain an almost unfair competitive advantage...
  • Attract prospects with irresistible magnetism
  • Be perceived as an expert and an authority!

If the idea of writing articles or creating any sort of content is frightening to say the least then you MUST read this mind map - it contains step-by-step instructions on how to create content.

Even a child can understand these simple techniques and create valuable content that you prospects would absolutely love!

Discover also the easiest way to create fantastic and professional videos. The best thing is you don't need any sophisticated or expensive software or a very sexy voice to produce extremely valuable videos!

There's also a list of tools and resources you can use that will greatly assist you to easily create audio, video and other type of content such as Infographics and mind maps.

Most importantly you'll discover how to use the content you create to attract more prospects, get more leads and make more sales!

Remember this is just a PREVIEW of a mighty program, a few drops of a big ocean of invaluable techniques and strategies!

And I’m not even over yet…

Preview Mind Map No. 21:
Competitors and Branding

You’re going to discover unheard of techniques to gain an almost unfair competitive advantage!

Your competitors will probably start hating you the moment they find out what you're doing (don't worry it's 100% legitimate).

I bet you want to know how to scare your competitors, do you?

When you apply the techniques in this mind map you’ll be able to become the king or queen of your own niche!

Every business has some level of competition - these rare "competition-killing" strategies and techniques will attract ALL the prospects and customers you'd ever need to build a highly successful Info business!

Apply the branding strategies in this mind maps and it won't even matter how many competitors you have... you'll attract prospects who would love to STAY on your list and BUY your products!

A portion of them will also become fanatical. They'll tell everyone they know about you.

You'll be the first thing they think about in the morning and before going to sleep!

These strategies will put your business on a league of it's own, crowned as "king" or "queen" - regardless how many competitors you have!

In other words you’ll “magically” attract a crowd of eager to spend buyers –  constantly chasing you and willingly spend more money with YOU!

Branding can do that, when done right! You’ll get all the "secrets" in this mind map!

Once you've build your business and have the right system in place you can drive traffic to start generating leads and sales!

Your business will work like a profit-producing machine!

What you want to do next is apply tracking and testing strategies - let's take a closer look at a preview of this mind map:

Preview Mind Map No. 22:
Tracking and Testing

With these strategies and techniques you'll be able to monitor every system within your business to understand how well it's performing.

When you know how to properly TRACK and TEST you can improve almost anything within your business!

This will increase the number of sales and leads you get just by making a few simple adjustments.

Everything can be improved such as your email marketing, your sales copy, your products, your prices, your subject lines, your content.

You'll know where and what changes you can make in every system of your business to increase and maximize its profits!

That's what this mind map is all about - and it includes a list of tracking and testing tools that provide accurate data.

Talk to any successful marketer and they'll tell you they swear by testing and tracking everything!

Now you'll know exactly how you can do it too!

In those 22 mind maps you'll have all the strategies to build a successful Info business. Your business will work as if it was an automated machine generating leads and producing sales.

All that is required then is to drive traffic - this is like turning the ignition switch on and starting the engine.

Then you'll...

Experience a Sudden Increase
In Leads and Sales...

This sudden flow of new leads and sales will cause some early but nice to have problems!

  • You'll receive a ton of emails! Prospects will ask you questions and try to 'pick your brain'!
  • You'll get a lot of customer support questions, and a lot of repetitive questions like "how do I download your ebook?"

It's great to have these problems because it means your business is doing well - you have a LOT of interested prospects and customers!

But they can s-l-o-w you down and waste your precious time that you can spend on the profit-producing aspects of your business such as marketing and creating products!

If you're spending your time replying to customer support emails or doing other less important tasks your sales and profits will suffer!

Fortunately you can solve these good-to-have problems - the next mind map will show you the right way to take care of these issues and then...

Your Business Will Take Off Like a
Rocket With Unstoppable Power...
Profits Will Increase Rapidly AND
You Can Enjoy More FREE Time !

Preview Mind Map No. 23:
Outsourcing and Employees

You don't really have a successful business if you're chained to your computer 8 hours a day!

Outsourcing and delegating your tasks properly will liberate you from constantly having to lock yourself in a room!

How much time will you save if there where TWO or THREE of YOU?

Those other two or three can be your part time/full time employees or freelancers.

If you never heard about outsourcing or freelancers... and have no idea how to hire an employee and co-operate with them successfully this mind map can be a god-send!

The little-known country in the world where you can hire the BEST possible employees, who are reliable and have a wide and diverse range of skills!

How to make sure you don’t get ripped off by any disloyal freelancer or employee.

How to test your employee to KNOW if he or she the right one!

How to hire one time freelancers or part time/full time employees… Plus how to train and work with them properly.

How to outsource and delegate tasks to employees or freelancers the right way to FREE your time and spend it on more important profit-producing tasks like creating products or driving website traffic!

6 Must-Do’s if you want your employees or freelancers to respect and like you. They'll also become motivated to work harder and perform better!

The following are probably some of the questions popping in your head right now. The right answers to All these questions and much more than that can be found in this mind map!

  • Should you hire a part time or full time employee?
  • How do you pay an employee?
  • How do you manage an employee especially if you have more than one?
  • What tasks can you outsource?
  • What tasks should you outsource?
  • What tasks should you NEVER outsource?

Outsourcing the less important tasks is how you can take your business to the next level and make the really BIG money!

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs manage to do so many things at once? How can they have so many things going on at the same time?

They can because they do the most important tasks and outsource the rest.

When your business is "on fire" generating a lot of new leads and sales you'll get a lot of prospect and customer support questions - and as your business grows you'll have more websites, products and a lot of other things to manage!

Then you really need to know how to properly outsource the right tasks... ...otherwise you'll experience some uncomfortable side effects, namely:

  • You'll have to lock yourself in a room, chained in front of a computer 10-12 hours a day!
  • Your business profits and income halts... because you won't be able to keep up!
  • You'll have a voluminous and unmanageable quantity of to-do lists and tasks!

Your business will need freelancers or employees at a certain point, when that time comes you’ll be glad to know the "secrets" on this well-detailed mind map!

But keep in mind that...

Even If You’re Already Making Money
Mind Maps To Success™ Program Will Show
You How To
Your Income!

Listen if you want to extract the most money from your market then discover and apply the strategies and techniques within these mind maps - and you will swamp your website with orders day-in-day-out!

These are proven strategies, I'm not the only one who is using them to make money - almost all the BIG online companies use these same strategies!

You NEVER want to re invent the wheel – you “copy” and model what already works... that's why Mind Maps To Success™ is filled from top to bottom with examples, case studies, templates, swipe files, tools and other resources you can use!

Saying NO to this program is like saying NO to what really works online – this is a serious program that will allow YOU to build a business that provides REAL value to people while making you as much money as you want!

Now you’ll have enough action taking strategies and techniques to ‘take home with you’ and see newfound profits rapidly!

You’ll be able to do what will make you REAL money on the Internet with a real Info business!

Imagine what it feels like knowing all these precious and well-guarded "secrets" - a complete blueprint on how to build, grow and operate an Info Business!

I have spent the last week poring over Jack Sarlo’s “Mind Map to Success”. I must say that Jack has really put some thought into this product.

These are not your ordinary mindmaps. Each module has in depth information available to the reader. You could almost compile the information in a typical ebook format rather than mindmaps, but the individual maps do an excellent job of sharing the information.

The videos that accompany the course are also quite thorough. Over 12 hours of information covering every aspect of setting up your information business, from mindset to outsourcing.

This is one of those in depth courses where you turn everything else off so that you can concentrate on this one thing. It is an excellent starting point.

Princeton, NJ

But that's not all you get...

I still want to throw in something more, a bonus (valued at $197).

My goal is to over-deliver so this YEAR will be your best year ever!

This bonus is extremely valuable so I suggest you act fast - download Mind Maps To Success™ right away so you won’t miss out on this ONE!

I really don’t know how long I will keep giving away this bonus product for FREE!

Your FREE Bonus!

10 Full to Bursting Hours of Money
Making Content That Booms a Newbie
To An Unstoppable Pro Entrepreneur!

(Value: $197)

10 ‘Pure Gold’ Hours Revealing ‘How To Build The Foundation of
Your Business to Breakthrough From A Newbie to a Pro In Days!’

You can be an unstoppable entrepreneur, making as much money as you want… Fearless! In fact once you know all these "secrets" your competitors may be "afraid" of you!

This program was recorded by two marketing experts. They appeared numerous times in seminars and have their own coaching business!

This is NOT one of those low quality bonuses that you can get somewhere else for free… you’ll watch and discover one strategy after another to build a successful Info business … these are the must-know strategies and techniques used by ANY successful Info business!

Now you can "download" the brains of two great marketers and shamelessly get all their "secrets" for FREE!

Here's a sneak peek, this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • How to Develop Your Winning Mindset! This module will increase your enthusiasm and confidence. You'll start your business with both guns blazing, a FEARLESS competitor!
  • 4 automated systems you can adopt in your business to save time and increase productivity! Without them it will be almost impossible to run a successful business!
  • MASTER email marketing with a complete list of basic and advanced strategies and techniques like List Segmentation and Email Branding strategies! You'll be able to SELL more products using email by increasing your open rates, conversions and build better relationships with your subscribers!
  • How to use webinars, teleseminars, joint ventures, jv giveaways, blogs or ad swaps to build YOUR list quickly! Plus a mini copywriting crash course on how to create an optin page!
  • The REAL money is made in back-end marketing - it's the secret to sustating a long term business! Discover a 4 Step Backend Strategy that also includes a system to earn more money during the sales process.
  • You'll also discover how to quickly create high-value products to SELL as back-end products!
  • Watch step-by-step how to create irresistible products using several different methods! 6 different ways you can make ANY product irresistable plus in-depth product pricing strategies!
  • You can use the “Law of Association” to go from zero to hero in any niche market! This strategy will enable you to create high-quality products even if you're not an "expert" and know absolutely nothing about a particular topic!

And that's not all, I barely scratched the surface...

On top of that there's plenty of screenshots and actual step-by-step examples to see exactly how to apply these strategies!

Seriously, it will be criminal NOT to watch or listen to this program!

People used to pay $197 for this same video course! If you act now you’re going to get it at no cost! You’ll also get the mp3 version you can carry around with you and listen to wherever you want!

Now is the best time to build your Info Business empire, there's never been a better chance to sell Information products on the Internet - this industry is worth billions.

People love to find answers, learn and solve their problems and they're willing to pay money to acquire the high-quality knowledge they seek.

The E-Learning (or Online Learning) Industry Is Worth Billions!

Research the e-learning (or online learning) market and you'll see the facts:

"In 2013 $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced e-learning worldwide. In 2014, e-learning was a $56.2 billion industry, and that number hit $107 billion in 2015." Inc. Magazine

"Online learning, also known as e-learning, is booming. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projects it will reach $107 Billion in 2015" Forbes


"The Global E-Learning Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 7.2% over the next decade to reach approximately $325 billion by 2025." Research And Markets

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Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
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